Meet me, Anita Macklin – graphic designer from Cobourg, Ontario

Personal Origin

My original plan was to be an illustrator and I studied at Sheridan College. I enjoyed drawing, painting, and moving colour & texture around. One thing led to another I discovered my true passion was design—books in particular. (What can I say, I love organizational challenges).

Being a freelancer is great for both of us. My freedom to structure my time allows my brain thinks about your project 24/7. Though I live in Cobourg (and it does have a great beach), where I live is irrelevant. Technology enables me to work virtually anywhere and everywhere.

Nitty gritty & curious facts

  • When not designing I ride my bicycle…. a lot
  • My ancestors settled in Canada almost 200 years ago, just minutes from where I live—you could say they were pioneeers!
  • I advocate for sustainability, volunteering with a number of NFP organizations
  • Cycling Safety is a passion—I teach courses turning skeptics into believers
  • If dreams came true someone else would cook all my food
  • I’m a mnmlst
  • I have a hidden yet surprising amount of welding knowledge

Grab yourself a coffee, let’s talk

Here’s what people usually contact me for:

  • “I need a swell yet elegant website for my new business”
  • “I want a Content Management System that I can use to manage my own site”
  • “I need to make my website usable”
  • “I need a brochure to sell my contraptions”
  • “Help! I just don’t know where to begin”


  • WordPress website design
  • Website development
  • Books (traditional print or E-Book)
  • Brochures (single or multi-page)
  • Logo design, business cards, letterhead
  • Slideshow presentations
  • Visual identity
  • WordPress training
I love beautiful design. Functionality is also a beautiful thing. It’s my mission to combat ugliness and create a great user experience.